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The label “REENA SHARMA” is a celebration of one-of-a-kind pieces with signature prints that spark joy and embrace individuality.

Reflecting her artistic soul, each design holds a captivating story. From our exclusive bespoke prints to the ethereal grace of flattering silhouettes, a distinct narrative is imprinted on every fabric. In each piece, we embrace the memories and experiences that shape us – making every creation a cherished part of our beautiful journey.

    EXCLUSIVE PRINTS  |  MAXIMALIST  |  FLATTERING FITS  |  ARTISTIC  |  LUXE                                                                   

Since an early age, Reena Sharma was obsessed with colours, prints and  fabrics.  She fondly recalls the pure joy of wearing cotton chintz frocks that her mother would get made by local tailors. With her elder sister, she loved  exploring locally sourced cotton printed fabrics for personalised outfits, kindling her love for fashion. Her artistic flair paved the path for her future journey in fashion.  

Her fascination with fabrics, colors, textures, and patterns led her to pursue a degree in textile design from NIFT-New Delhi, where she discovered her true passion for striking colors, textures, prints, and textiles.

During her time at the institute, she experienced the transformative magic of prints and embroidery—how a simple fabric could transcend into a realm of beauty with hand-drawn or digital patterns enriched with embroideries. Nature, flowers, antique paintings, traditional craft and textiles have been major source of inspirations for her.

Fuelled by her love and passion for colors, art, craft, textile and maximalist style, she took the leap and founded her eponymous label in July 2023 after multiple stints at various design houses.

The label is redefining statement style in signature prints entwined with artistic soul.